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Keeping Up With Changes in Frequent Flyer Programs

If your head is spinning trying to keep up with all the changes in the airlines’ frequent-flyer programs recently, we don’t blame you. What with... read more

New Technologies for Hotel Check-In

After a long day travelling, the last thing any road warrior wants is to wait at a hotel check-in desk. Hotels have heard the pleas... read more

Recover from jet lag faster

There have been a number of apps created which claim to cure jet lag, but it's possible that Entrain, which is based on mathematical formulas,... read more

Air Canada Rouge Goes West

Air Canada today announced that its leisure carrier subsidiary, Air Canada rouge, is expanding to Western Canada to serve a number of predominantly leisure markets... read more

Air Canada to Launch Dreamliner Service to Japan

Air Canada announced that it will operate daily flights between Toronto-Pearson and Tokyo-Haneda (Tokyo International Airport) beginning July 1, 2014 using the Boeing 787 Dreamliner*.... read more

How to save on cell phone roaming fees

Toronto-based KnowRoaming is an affordable solution for making calls and browsing the web while abroad. The company developed a "smart sticker" that you order and... read more

Ask a Travel Expert: Benefit at the Border

Why are goods sold in a duty free store so much cheaper? A lot of travellers wonder why merchandise sold in duty free stores are... read more

How to enjoy a business trip

Enjoying a business trip is important to the projected outcome of a business trip. An unhappy business executive is unlikely to put in the extra effort that... read more

Taking the Stress Out of Business Travel

Traveling can be a stressful experience especially when the purpose is for business. Many businessmen and women can attest that flying across states or the... read more

5 Travel-friendly Apps

Airbnb: You can reserve luxurious villas and even private islands with Airbnb. Choose properties in over 33,000 cities worldwide with just a tap of a... read more