Video: Skiing at Switzerland’s Hoch-Ybrig

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Thirsting for the ultimate skiing adventure in Switzerland? Then by no means should you disregard visiting Hoch-Ybrig!

With three mountains to quench your desire for a good skiing session, Hoch-Ybrig definitely won’t let you down with its hiking and skiing spots. Just head to Switzerland’s Canton of Schwyz and you’ll already be welcomed by the mountain range of Twariberg, Druesberg and Forstberg.

Cable cars could further increase your need for an adrenaline rush as you are taken to a thousand-meter peak. Watch a great skiing session in Hoch-Ybrig in Nike Action’s vid, in which the user shares,

The fourth stop of the Nike Chosen Series were held in Hoch Ybrig in the foot hills of the Swiss Alps, and got underway despite being pushed back a day due to bad weather.

So start planning your next skiing adventure as early as now!

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