Video: The Long Way Laos… A Motorbike Adventure

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Searching for a fun way to tour Laos? Renting a motorbike is suggested in our featured travel video of the day.

Independent travel via motorbikes is a great way to truly experience Laos.

Head to a couple of bike rental stores in Vientiane, and make sure that you have your license and that you properly assess your motorcycle prior to heading to the road. Most rental bikes are XR 250 and Honda Baja. When traveling, you could expect paved and generally acceptable roads in Laos.

Get a glance on how it is to travel the long way around Laos in a motorbike adventure of HappyTimeBlog. The uploader of the clip traveled half a thousand kilometers from Vang Vieng to Luang Probang and experienced the “ups and downs through one of the most stunning countries in southeast Asia...”

So contact us as soon as possible to get started with your next adventure in Laos!

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